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A Little Foot Update

– making slow progress with the foot. The calcaneus is coming around so that I can almost put my full weight on it. I think I'll be wearing a boot and limping a bit for a while to come yet. It still smarts to put weight on it and the muscle is atrophied and the whole joint really stiff. I do have the bonus of some cool hardware to carry with me (a plate, cadaver bone and 10 screws). I have been growing a 'victory beard' since the surgery and I've informed my doctor I'm hoping to be able to shave it off before I begin to look like a member of Duck Dynasty. [He seemed to take the comment in the correct vein and said he had not heard of applying the victory beard to his surgeries, but liked the idea]​


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I'm a resident of Littleton, Colorado.  Leader of one of several, Mahoney clans in the Denver area.  Lover of good food and good drink.  Prefer my martinis shaken, not stirred.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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